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  • Carole Park, QLD, 4300
  • Australia

******2017 Conference - Man Up Raw****
*****Thurs10th- Sat12th****
G'day Men- we are starting to get a lot of interest and it seems like this is going to be a big year. 
Not only locally but attendees from Sydney Melbourne and Cairns with interest from NZ, Tonga, Fiji even attendees from PNG BOOM,
Start booking your spot and let's Rally together to make it happen.

The venue has a seating capacity of over 280 and our target is to pack it out.
For the 3 day Conference package is provided
Full 3 Day Pass - $100 (18+)
Day Pass -$50 per person
Youth Pass. -$30 (under 17) full 3 days
Refreshments included in the price

If you want to start making payments, provided are the bank details for those here in Australia and overseas. Overseas add the BIC/swift code when paying on line.
Please ref MAN UP than your initials. 
ExampleManUp Sam K

BANK-Commonwealth bank of Australia
BSB- 064001
ACC NO.-10576492
ACC NAME-Breakthrough Church

Please leave a comment if your interested.
Time make a difference
#RAW #Conference #ComeAsYouAre