ICON Community Inc


ICON Community Inc

Reaching the Community

ICON is a community project of Breakthrough Church.  Its vision of “Creativity with a Purpose” in which the gospel is preached and communicated through creative ways to the wider community.  ICON is currently running in Australia, Tonga, NZ and will be expanding into other nations also.


The ICON Programme is designed to inspire and activate people to fulfill their dreams and career prospects within the creative industry. The Creative Arts Industry is a very influential realm, and ICON uses this vehicle to bring positive change and influence to generations across the world.Five key objectives underpin the ICON Programme:

•- Activating Creativity with a Purpose

•- Provide community support for Creative Industry artists both locally and globally

•- To showcase and promote aspiring local Creative Industry Artists

•- Global Impact

•- Produce world class entertainers

For more information visit our website at www.iconcommunity.org